Braggin’ on my beach!

Enjoy hearing a man brag on his woman.   Jay-Z on Magna Carta- Holy Grail

Enjoy hearing a man brag on his woman. Jay-Z on Magna Carta- Holy Grail


Quote from Norman Maclean

Quote from Norman Maclean

“It is those we live with and love and should know who elude us.” Norman Maclean
This quote reminds me of my dad. He has always seen beyond the shell and circumstance. Thanks Pops!


I read something today that really woke me up!

I am now convinced that I am the only person in the world that believes loyalty is a contract you make without paper, when you love someone.

Maybe I need to “Get up on Game” and love like everyone else, with a tippy toe and stop putting my whole foot in it!

Light bulb goes off!!! lol 🙂

A Complete Cleanse!

Have you ever felt like you needed to purge? I don’t mean like spring cleaning the house or throwing up -lol! I mean like a full body cleanse. Well recently I was talking to some family members that were suggesting all these natural remedies to make you go to the bathroom more. They were telling me how much better they felt, how soft and bright their skin had become, how their energy level improved. I tell you by the time they were done, I was already making a list for Whole Foods! -Lol. So I hung up, did some research and decided to try something radical.

Have you ever been curious about colon cleansing?  I was, so I thought what better way to TRY something then via a Groupon! I searched and found one for Colonix.  I called my partner and asked him if he was willing to try it with me. He said yes, so I bought us some.

Today we are on our 2nd appointment. Once you get past the weirdness of something stuck up your butt and a person holding it in, the process is really not so bad.  You feel like a million bucks after! Your stomach will thank you! And in my partners case, your back will too. 

The first week was really exciting for me, regular bowel movements and no cramping, no gas, it felt awesome. I lost a couple of pounds and continue to feel good.

So, If you are willing to try something different and want to give your body the chance to recover from all your guilty pleasures try Colonix. I highly recommend Naturally Ageless Spa in Dunwoody. I’ll update on outcomes of week two.


Sometimes the timing for the things we want is out of our hands. I am going thru a situation right now that leaves me feeling both guilty and helpless.

I am a single mother, have been since my daughter was born -give or take about 2 years. I didn’t have child support, I didn’t have co-parenting, the responsibility has always been my own. I was a young mom, so she and I have grown up together. This road as you can imagine has been full of challenging, rewarding, and proud moments. All in all it is a blessing. 

Now fast forward to the age of 20. We have a completely new life, live in a different state, share a home and have a mixed family. The change has not been easy for her. I moved here from a small town up North to give her a different perspective on life, have more opportunities, and to help her think outside the box.  And for the grander scheme of things, it has suited her. She explored her creativity and found a passion for music, playing guitar and she has a beautiful voice. She won several writing competitions in her district, attended honors music programs, graduated high school and attended college. But here we are at her prime age of 20 and my daughter is suffering from depression.

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Tick-tock, your time is up.

I’ve been contemplating the truth about my relationship. It has humbled me to say the least. But today, after another grueling session with the therapist, I feel like laying down my sword.

I am a simple person but I am not uncomfortable with the Gray areas. Meaning that I don’t care that it’s not always the easiest route. I fight. But right now my heart is the only one satisfied. My mind is full of flight.

I’ve given 6 years to a man that I love. Those years have been full of wonderful memories and love. We’ve both learned a lot about loving, raising kids and commitment. It was a journey I signed up for when he gave me a ring. But the last have been extremely trying. I’ve never felt less close to him. Less important to him. It is extremely painful to feel this way and try to move forward.

While I know that you will say, well this happens in relationships, it’s a phase, it’s a trial or a test; I firmly believe that I shouldn’t be doing the testing on my own.  I am not perfect, I have made mistakes along the road and I do what I can to make it right. But right now I need my man to step outside himself, give this family an opportunity to blossom through the pruning process.

We are being counseled through a mess of situations that leave us both feeling broken. And this is necessary, because we have some feelings left unresolved from our bad decisions, so this is good. But I need him to give me what I give him everyday, my unwavering faith in him. And it is foolish to give any human your faith –right according to our God– but he is the man God sent me and I believe in that.  It is his turn to turn this around. While I won’t be blind to the facts, I have chosen to give him my respect.

Until this moment is clear we can’t breathe, we can’t be full of hope.  I want our love to exist in a place of peace and compromise.  Notice I didn’t say something unrealistic. God this is your mountain, I can’t move it without you.   Amen for now.

I’ve been wrong all along

So there’s that moment in life when you realize, you didn’t know a thing about the people closest to you. These very same people that you love, have given birth to, willingly gave your heart to: yes them. Crash! Boom! Bam! Your world, which by the way seems so lonely right now, comes down hard on you. That shit burns like you can’t imagine.

Let me take you on a stroll with my feelings. Check back soon. My life is coming full circle. Stay tuned!

Formal Friday!


My Friday is usually casual but today started with me sitting across a piano. Not typical but definitely not my favorite. So instead of jeans and sneakers it’s a skirt and heels but very soon a wardrobe change is coming! Lol. I am praying for a great peaceful, joyful weekend for all my loved ones. It’s also mother’s day weekend. Make sure to remember Mom. Shout out to all the Super mom’s!

Mind Wanderers

Have you ever had so much on your brain that you can’t possibly concentrate on anything that is of significance? Well that’s where I am. I’m an “avoider” of things that hurt, that have an immediate impact on my thought process. So right now, I’m in a therapist office waiting area hoping to feel like a great relationship was made. Instead of writing down my feelings, I’m flipping through magazines. Here’s something that I found interesting:


BlackBerry botox..Lol

When’s the last time you heard from Jesus?

I sometimes wonder how many people never realize how God is with them all the time.

  • Do you feel His presence often? 
  • Do you know that God loves you more than you will ever love Him and He doesn’t care?

He will try the rest of your life to bring you closer to Him by providing His unwavering love throughout all your life.

  • Have you ever understood how Great is His love?

I heard an unplugged version of the song  “Love Song” by Third Day and I just listened to the words. Then I looked up the lyrics because I was so taken by the words.  It became so much more real to me how much my God loves me (and you too). 🙂

For all this Love I say “How can I ever repay you?”